Our Commitment

  • Dick Senter Ministries is God’s and we are His servants committed to do His will.

  • We are God’s stewards and have to be good stewards of the donations that the ministry receives.

  • We have made a decision that minimal dollars be spent on administrative or other cost to maintain the ministry.

  • We will not have any paid employees, but rely solely on volunteers to do the work.

  • Goal is that 98% of donations go directly to mission projects. Wish this could be higher but any donation that is received via credit or debit card is subject to a 2% processing fee.

  • We are committed to maintaining a partnership with International Commission who implements all of our National to National projects and our sponsorship goes only to the cost of the project and not to the financial needs of International Commission.

  • All mission projects are selected only after much prayer and discussion with our missions committee.

  • We will only support and partner with those whose beliefs and values are in line with ours.

  • All donations received are non-returnable and we follow HIPPA guidelines keeping all donor information private.